• Weeemake 7 in 1 Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeemake 7 in 1 Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeemake 7 in 1 Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeemake 7 in 1 Home Inventor Kit
  • Weeemake 7 in 1 Home Inventor Kit

Weeemake 7 في 1 مجموعة المخترع المنزلي

Home Inventor Kit is a DIY kit that consist of 10 electronic modules and compact designed mechanical parts. 
By simulating the life scene of automatic home, building 7 interesting projects of smart home appliance, children will observe home appliances in their daily life and get to know how them work.

Weeemake 7 in 1 Home Inventor Kit is a desktop metal DIY programming robotic kit for STEAM education. As a starter robot kit for quick prototyping, this kit contains 6 input modules and 6 output modules with simplify wiring. Each module comes with Arduino library for quick programming. Create your own project!

In addition to Arduino programming, this kit supports graphic programming languages MIT Scratch (WeeeCode) which are great for teaching kids how to program and interact with hardware.


Parking Lot System: Ultrasonic sensor will detect if any car needs to enter the parking lot; if yes, open the gate that controlled by servo, and count on LED segment display. If a car needs to leave the parking lot, use IR remote control to open the gate, and number on LED segment display will reduce by 1.

Magical Musician Robot: Ultrasonic sensor can detect distance to the object in front of it. Define different distance value to play different tone, play piano in the air like a magic.

Obedient Gate: Use IR remote control to control the 9g servo motor. Open the gate or close the gate, all in your hand.

Weather Station: Use temperature and humidity sensor to detect the value of temperature and humidity and show on LED segment display as a weather station.

Corridor Lamp: Do you have sound-control lamp in your house? When you are passing by, the lamp will turn on automatically. This robot uses sound sensor to control the LED module, once it detected sounds, the LED lamp will turn on automatically.

Smart Fan: Use ultrasonic sensor to detect if anyone is in front of the fan; if yes, turn on the fan automatically. Energy saver!

Rainbow Color Lamp: Use touch sensor to control the RGB LED. Touch the touch sensor, it will turn on the RGB LED, and change color when touch the sensor every time.

Rich programmable electronics. 6 input modules, 7 output modules.
Easy to code. Scratch & Arduino 
Home theme. Rich projects related to life.
Modular design, endless way to recreate and expand.
Compatible with Lego bricks

Mainboard – ELF mini
Inventor Kit

16 Chapter Curriculum
لا. اسم ساعة التعلم صف المدرسة
1 الذهاب إلى المنزل الذكي 45 دقيقة 1 درس
2 مؤشرات وامضة 45 دقيقة 1 درس
3 أضواء ملونة 45 دقيقة 1 درس
4 مؤدي موسيقي 45 دقيقة 1 درس
5 إتقان مطابقة الألوان 45 دقيقة 1 درس
6 مروحة ذكية (1) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
7 مروحة ذكية (2) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
8 موسيقي سحري 45 دقيقة 1 درس
9 مصباح الممر (1) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
10 مصباح الممر (2) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
11 بوابة مطيعة (1) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
12 بوابة مطيعة (2) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
13 محطة الطقس (1) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
14 محطة الطقس (2) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
15 نظام وقوف السيارات التلقائي (1) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
16 نظام وقوف السيارات التلقائي (2) 45 دقيقة 1 درس
SKU: 181002
• Name: ELF mini V2.1
• Microchip: Atmega 328P
• Port:
4 x RJ11 (connect to RJ11 sensor and modules)
2 x DC motor port 
1 x Communication Port (Bluetooth)
• Electronics:
1 x Sound Sensor
1 x Light Sensor
1 x Buzzer
1 x IR Receiver
2 x Yellow LED
2 x Red LED
• Power Indicator: 4 x Blue LED
• Power Switch:
1 x Touch Swith (turn on/off robot by touching when toggle switch is off)
1 x Toggle Swtich (when toggle switch is on, cannot turn off by touch switch)

Sensor & Motor:
1 x RGB Ultrasonic Sensor (2 x RGB LED, 2 x Yellow LED, Ultrasonic Sensor)
1 x Touch Sensor
1 x 130 DC Motor Module (Fan)
1 x Temperature and Humidity Sensor
1 x Red LED Module
1 x RJ11 Adapter Module
1 x 4 Digital LED Display
1 x 9g Servo Motor Pack
Tutorial: 16 chapters 
Software: WeeeCode (Scratch 3.0), Arduino IDE
Operation Voltage: DC 3.7-6V
Dimension: 26x20x6cm
Weight: 950g